Waynesboro Police Department

The Wayne County Sheriff's Dept.

The Waynesboro Police Department works closely with the Wayne County Sheriff's Department to provide quality law enforcement to the citizens of Wayne County & Waynesboro.

Clarke County Sheriff's Department

Serving Quitman, MS., and the surrounding county.

The Mississippi Dept. of Corrections

Find information about the department, job listings, inmate search, etc.

The Mississippi Sex Offender Registry

Search known sex offender records by name, city, county, or zip code.

The Wayne County Fire Dept.

The Wayne County Fire Department provides quality fire protection to the citizens of Wayne County. We invite you to visit their website and see what they are doing for our county.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

What a great site. We will never know just how many lives have been touched through this organization. Resources include information for parents, law enforcement, the media, plus ways to report sightings.

The U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

Lots of information here about current drug issues. Good for law enforcement, school administrators and teachers, parents, kids...

Contact Information

714 Wayne St. Waynesboro, MS 39367
Phone: 601-735-3192